Jeff McDonald
Actor & Director
Jeff McDonald
Actor & Director

Meet Jeff McDonald

“Sometimes a Dark and Menacing Charm is Exactly What’s Called For”

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“I Put the ‘Sly’ in ‘Smile’. Along with Some Extra Letters. Is That OK? Sorry About That.”

“Best Guide to the Old Hollywood Sites – Not the Ones Everyone Knows About, the Weird Cult Ones”

I’m an Actor and Director for thought-provoking & challenging genre films (martial arts, sci-fi, fantasy, and horror). I’m known for my acting work in the features Chinese Speaking Vampires, TwoTwo, Slant Streets, Hamlet, Night Mistress and Tales From Beyond, as well as my directing for the web series Heart of the Dragon (with Shin Koyamada) and the short Dream of the Lizard.

I have an MFA in Theater Directing from UC-Irvine and have directed 30+ theatrical productions including MacBeth, The Master Builder, and adaptations of King Lear and Julius Caesar. I’ve also worked as a Producer, Writer, and 1st AD. I’ve acted in many theater classics including Oberon in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Duke Orsino in Twelfth Night, Aufidius in Coriolanus, Glendower in Henry IV Part 1, and the title role in Caligula.

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